Violet Connell's B&B is the most beloved of Irish bed
and breakfast addresses, and a key West Cork destination.

Many visitors to West Cork return to Violet Connell's Fortview
House year after year, time after time. That says all you need to
know about Fortview.

When people talk about the "West Cork thing" what they mean, we think,
is the ability of determined people who live and work down in the far south
west to do things exceptionally well. If they are farmers, they will be extra
hard working farmers, maybe people like Richard Connell, whose farm at
Fortview is actually a demonstration farm. Mr Connell is the sort of farmer
who shows others how to do it, and do it right. That's the West Cork thing,
And if they run B&Bs, like Violet Connell, whose skills as hostess, cook and
B&B keeper match those of her husband at farming. Fortview is the very
essence of the West Cork thing: distinct, vernacular, generous, with everything
done as well as it can be done, and oftentimes done better than you could
ever imagine. Mrs. Connell has created a beautiful place to stay in West Cork,
and every morning she creates the most sumptuous West Cork breakfasts,
which we suggest you might work off by doing some hiking on the beautiful
Sheep's Head Way.

Excerpt from "The Bridgestone 100 Best Places to stay in Ireland 2010